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2012 Workshop

Sanitations Solutions held a ‘Meeting of the Minds’ workshop in Ghana in September 2012 with representatives from local government and business enterprises and the European scientific community. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the issue of previous failures in addressing sanitation improvements in the country. The meeting was privately funded by SanSol NGO board members.

The meeting was held in Accra on September 18th and in Manso Nkwanta on September 20th. During these meetings Sanitation Solutions initiated a number of partnerships with interested stakeholders to assist with:

i)Raising awareness and developing educational programs,

ii)Implementation of fully-functional compost sanitation and nutrient reuse systems in selected communities, based on demand, and/or

iii)  Developing and documenting system-relevant business opportunities, based on operational research findings and lessons from demonstration sites.

The Accra meeting included presentations from Raymond Okrofu of
Safi Sana
; Tim Wade of WasteEnterprises; Mensah Owusu of People’s Dialogue and Dr. Jörn Germer of Sanitation Solutions and Sanergy Engineering.  Presentations were complemented with open discussions and brainstorming opportunities.XXXIn Manso Nkwanta the meeting included a presentation from Dr. Germer and was followed by open discussions and brainstorming with representatives from local government, Millennium Villages Project, and the community of Aboaboso.XXXAs a meeting outcome we agreed to work together as a consortium to benefit from each other’s knowledge and expertise. Furthermore, the Chief of Aboaboso volunteered his community as the location for a first pilot to validate the business model.  This pilot is expected to be initiated in early 2013.

For additional information regarding the meeting or the SanSol program please contact
Kwame Asubonteng (Accra) or Richard Agyarko (MansoNkwanta)

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