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The Aboaboso project is now moving to the next stage with construction of a composting facility now complete. Many of the logistics associated with commissioning a self-contained and sustainable sanitation programme are now being decided by the village’s residents. Among the first decisions taken by the community was to set up a collection of all household organic waste every two days for transport by community members to the compost facility.

All 6 chambers have been filled and the contents are turned regularly. Compost toilet designs have been agreed by the community and plans are underway to begin construction. 

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The Fontana Foundation

Since its establishment in Zurich, Switzerland, in November 2008, the Fontana Foundation has helped the very poor in developing countries by engaging in initiatives aimed at enabling them to get out of poverty and lead productive lives. These activities provide training for a better income, access to essential infrastructure and financing to start small businesses.

The Millennium Villages Project

The Millennium Villages Project addresses the root causes of extreme poverty, taking a holistic, community-led approach to sustainable development. Working in many countries throughout Africa, including Ghana, the work of Millennium Villages unites science, business, civil society and government to empower communities and partners alike to become a part of the solution to ending extreme poverty.

More updates to follow soon!


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